OS Deployment – Helper Script

This is a quick post to share out my OS Deployment script:


  • Mode
    • Config – Applies configuration set specified in sub-mode.
    • Bios – Applies BIOS configurations by model/type.
    • Report – Sends report notification.  Sub-modes are Error/Final.
  • SubMode – SubMode specific to mode.
  • Test – Runs in test mode, primarily for testing notification templates, etc.
  • User – Species the script is running by user, not system. Uses OSD_User.log.
  • LogPath – Specifies path to log files, primarily used with SubMode to generate OSD report based on collected data.


Configuration file with three main nodes:

  • Configs – Configurations applied by config mode.
  • Systems – Used by BIOS mode
  • Report – Used by Report mode

More to come later with screenshots, and sample task sequences.



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